Saturday, September 3, 2011

Smile!...Just for the camera?

Brand spankin' new pictures were just posted to Facebook of Rege and his new girlfriend. He was showing off his pearly whites, she was smiling widely in a cute, bohemian halter top... He had his arm slung across the back of her chair but they didn't appear to be touching... In fact, there was an inordinate amount of space between the two of them who were sitting together at a fancy restaurant.

Even if I didn't know anything about either of them, I think I would question the authenticity of their relationship anyway. Because other than the fact that they're two attractive people who in terms of physicality look to be the perfect, cookie cutter pair, are they really on the same page? They both happen to be best friends with the same chick (whose camera captured the couple at her birthday dinner), which makes things complicated. The way he made it seem to me the last time we talked was that the girlfriend wasn't all that he thought was cracked up to be... But what's he supposed to do now? He's shit and fucked in his comfort zone--in his favorite social circle. If he doesn't see it through, he can be branded a douche and asshole and could possibly lose those closest to him. But if he continues the charade, he could be miserable.

Did I mention that he sought me out for some fun the other night? And oh what fun we had...

I'd seen him the week before, just to hang out and catch up. The week following consisted of flirty, dirty texts almost everyday, and I knew that I had to see him again. The few times we had hooked up in the past were amazing and full of pulsating orgasms--A first for me with a guy. And when he suddenly cut me off from the climax wagon to start things up with Barbie Girl, I certainly felt a little more than just bitter about it. It's like, I know it wasn't just me who thought the sex was incredible, so why was he not wanting or seeking it anymore?

Eh, I guess (some) guys do want more than just sex with a woman.

Anyway, despite him being with her and me semi-being with Dr. Shark, we met up for one night. Unlike with Ace though, I didn't feel guilty or regret with Rege. We began the night as friends, evolved temporarily to lovahs, and then parted the night as friends again. I honestly don't know if we'll engage in extra-curricular activities again or how I would feel about it if we do... but it's fun to think about sometimes.

This brings me back around to the question as to why is Rege dating this girl that he doesn't get everything he wants from. He loves sex with me and he likes hanging out with me--He's told me this multiple times. So why didn't he try to date me when he had the chance? Is it because I'm not blonde and blue-eyed like Barbie? Does he somehow ignorantly believe that I wouldn't fit in well with his life? Without any evidence or real direction I could only speculate... but I'm leaning towards that; and if that's the case, then maybe I shouldn't mess around with a guy like that anyway.


  1. Rege is one pathetic man and an excuse of a human being, I'm sorry. He's ("unknowingly") hurting you, hurting HER, while HE basically uh, just gets to have his cake and eat it, too. Honey, I don't care how many mind-blowing, toe-curling, out of this world amazing orgasm this human being has given you, he is NOT WORTH it! Ignore all texts and calls and cut of all means of communication with him immediately. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF men like that. F F F!

    (Sorry if that wasn't very nice! I really hope you don't take offense to it!)

  2. You're so right, Kiss! I need to untangle myself from a lot of selfish arms... Rege being one of them.

    I never, ever, EVER in my wildest imagination thought I could be in a situation like this. I'm all about strong female connections and women standing up for each other, so for me to knowingly allow myself to see a man who has committed himself with another woman... It's unheard of and I hate myself for it!