Friday, September 2, 2011

Mind games.

You can always count on a guy to surprise you with his presence the very hot second you forcibly push him out of your mind and cease counting on him in general. If Dane Cook is allowed to call the entire female gender "brain ninjas," then I'm going to call the male gender "brain peeping-tom turned rapists." They wait and watch in the crevices of your mind until all traces of them disappear... and then they totally ambush you in your sleep or while you're in the shower.


Not saying that Dr. Shark hasn't been on my mind... He's been almost constantly on my mind for the past three months. But even I can recognize an obsession when it starts showing its ugly medusa head, so I'm making an active, conscious effort to only allot myself a certain amount of Dr. Shark thoughts each day. A brink-of-crazy girl's gotta do what a brink-of-crazy girl's gotta do!

He did call me as I was going to bed the night of my last post, just to say hello and to make sure I wasn't feeling ignored (which had been a consistent complaint of mine to him). He was tired after a long day and didn't have much to talk about, but I appreciated his effort. He also flirted with me a little bit by coyly and mischeviously saying that "a certain woman" makes him feel energized. That little, seemingly insignificant comment held me over from not hearing from him again till this afternoon.

He's spending the holiday weekend in another state for a friend's wedding, so he called me as he began his road trip alone. Again, he didn't have anything real particular to say, but just wanted to let me know that he was headed out and that he'll call me again on his way back in a few days.

It seems that Dr. Shark is "checking in" with me these days, doesn't it? And isn't that what a boyfriend or boyfriend-like-figure would do? And if it is, what does that mean for us? I just know that when Ace explained his pathetic reasons for not wanting a girlfriend, one of his main commitment turn-offs was having to "check in" everyday.

I'm sorry--I didn't think I was a hotel concierge but a person with whom you actually want to speak with on a semi-daily basis, if not to hear about my day but to at least hear my voice.

Boys are so weird.

Whatever is going on in his head though, I'm happy to hear his voice more often these days than ever. (Usually he texts. Don't even get me started on the foul form of communication that is the text message. Seriously. I will write a monster blog about it one day.) So happy in fact that after we hung up, I texted him to wish him a happy good time with his friends and an actual "I miss you." Yes, yes, with those three words I tore off some of my own power... But I've always been a girl who prioritized love and sex over power any day of the week!

A few minutes later my phone showed an "I miss you too!" Word for word, including the exclamation point, I swear. Boys don't seem to be much for punctuation in any written part of their lives aside from the office, so me being the over-analytical and eternally hopeful girl child I am, I am totally in love with that exclamation point.

(Also, received a text from Ace today. He wished me a good weekend and wanted to say that he had a good time with me earlier this week. No response will be sent.)

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