Cast of Characters

Since this is a blog about my life (and not just any life, but my love-lust-lost life at that), there will naturally be outside individuals mentioned. I'm a rather fresh gladiator in these dating games so the list of past ghosts isn't long... but since my style these days seems to run along the lines of quantity-versus-quality... Just give it time. ;)

But despite my urge to blog to the world about very private and personal matters, I need to feel like mine and others' anonymities are kept safe. If anyone I knew from work or social circles ever happen across this place, I need to know that they would not be able to deduce that all these pervy thoughts and activities came from little ol' me! Therefore, fun/mean/but absolutely true nicknames will be christened to all that are featured...

P.S. Yes, all of the "claim to fames" are verbatim quotes. Wild, huh?


The guy I fell into first after my abrupt, unhappy ending with J(erk). Our hang outs have only consisted of hook ups and he in no way wants more, and neither do I. While his physical appearance attracted me to him, his personality and lifestyle reek of trouble and incompatibility with me and mine. He's one of those dark haired, blue eyed, smoldering faced assholes, and he feels that that's okay since he swings a big dick. (SN: It's never okay, especially if one is selfish with said big dick!) He's a pretty heavy gambler, thus the appropriate nickname.
Claim to Fame: "I'm a man of mystery, what can I say?"

He's the one I currently want to the point of desperation. Like everyone else after J(erk), we started off in a physical way but instantly realized that there was something more between us. He stimulates me in every possible way, and I find him the most adorable man I've met in my adult life (he's physically hot as hell so I'm using the term "adorable" in an endearingly nerdy context). We've reached that juncture though--I want more, he claims he can't provide it but he doesn't want to lose me completely. We're in a fog and I don't know what's going to happen when it finally clears. I first concretely realized that I was falling for him while we were expressing our mutual fascination during Shark Week.
Claim to Fame: "I want it to be possible for us to be friends for life."

My first for pretty much everything related to dating. Met him in my early twenties in a professional setting, crushed over him big time, then wound up dating him for about a year. While I'd thought I was a girl in love for the first time... he was rebounding from the love of his own life. I should've known it, but the love haze kept me in denial. From our looks to our backgrounds to our preferences in food and fun, we were like night and day, but I chalked that up to be an "opposites attract" situation. Our mutual friends didn't get it and my own close girlfriends certainly didn't get it, nor did they approve. After we "technically" broke up, he continued using me to satisfy certain needs for a few months, and after the last time, he vanished from my life completely without a whisper.
Claim to Fame: "I like you... I just don't like you enough."

While our relationship has been more on the FWB side since we can have fun times whether or not we're having sex, he's also the first guy after J(erk) that I started feeling emotionally attached to. Perhaps being the first guy to give me the big O helped with that?? However, it clearly wasn't the road he thought we were taking (shortly after we started hanging out he began romantically dating someone else), but his presence in my life helped me realize that my ability to open up hadn't been completely lost. I don't think we'll ever properly date... but we won't ever be just memories to each other either, at least not for the foreseeable future.
Claim to Fame: "I don't think the girl I'm dating can handle my sex drive."

Last Updated: Aug. 31, 2011