Kween Khloe

I hate the Kardashian klan, particularly the bitchy bees Kim and Kris. I hate how rich they are, how delusional their world is, and how all their names start with the fucking letter K (which, coincidentally, is my favorite letter of the alphabet. Fun fact, right?).

However... I think that Khloe--the youngest of the female Kardashian brood--reigns supreme in humor, humanity, and relatability. Don't get me wrong: She's a spoiled brat like the rest of them; afterall, it's genetic. But from the limited episodes of their reality show that I've actually sat through, she's shown the most understanding, kindness, and intelligence than her two Greek statuette sisters combined.

But the real reason I admire her? Even though she's not considered the most beautiful or glamorous of the family, because she seems to have a good heart she's found a great man to love and who loves her back. Marriage isn't a priority to me so it makes no difference that she was the first Kardashian to tie the knot (winner!), but according to the show, her man relationship seems the strongest anyway.

I'm not the prettiest of my family, nor the classiest (as my blog will no doubt prove), so I've been dubbed the proverbial "black sheep." But like Khloe, who used that very term as a self-description once (video clip will be hunted down and posted in the future), I know that I will one day find a man to cherish me too.

Klown... More Klown... KWEEN!!