Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To move forward, or to stand still

Apparently it's "wrong" and I'm going to "break his heart" because I'm not one hundred percent sure of my attraction or chemistry with Bachelor Dos, but I've continued my casual dating relationship with him. We haven't established any rules or boundaries yet, so I don't see the wrong-ness at all! Isn't this what dating is all about afterall?

I do admit that he's moving a bit faster than I'm comfortable with. We've still only been on the three dates, then he went out of town on business and during his five days away he sent long e-mails or texted everyday. I'm fine with that and actually enjoyed the attention, only, he kept saying sappily sweet things like how he couldn't wait to see me when he returned and how he searched all over for the perfect present for me.

What what? Presents already??

Now, I'm all about thoughtful gift giving and acting upon sentiments--Hell, I worked at Hallmark for years so it's been branded into me!--but I've known the guy for a few short weeks. I didn't even get him anything and his birthday just passed!

He wanted to meet up tonight (he got back to town yesterday) but really, after my slut-tastic weekend, I'm completely spent. Physically, mentally, soulfully. I wanted to be boy-free at least one night this week.

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  1. I think I forever will be baffled why this ALWAYS happens. Granted, I agree - it's only been 3 dates and you think he's moving a bit fast. Yet, if you REALLY, REAAALLY were into him (and he wouldn't have been so gung-ho about it with the long emails/sappy shit/presents, etc.) THEN he would have been labeled as just another jerk.

    I've been there. Seriously, I've done it. It's just simply amazing to me. I think that you just KNOW when you kiss someone. When you get close to them, you get caught up in that stupid, silly little ephemeral moment, but... that's where it's really at. All the walls come crashing down, the facades, the urges to resist... it doesn't have to be more than just a mere, goddamn kiss. I'm convinced. And the kicker is that the guy could be really attractive (and smart and funny and worldly and have his shit together) but when "it's" not there, it's just not there. Some people believe that it grows, slooooowly... over time. Nope. Not in my book. Maybe I'm just crazy.