Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A potpourri of tangents

And another one bites the dust.

Armenian Barbie Botox needs to take a page out of baby sister Kloe a.k.a. Kween K's book on how to choose the right marriage partner in the glitz and glam of Hellwood. But maybe she wasn't looking for that; just someone new to exploit and make a crapload of money in the process.

While I never cared much for the more popular, butt-acious middle sister, I didn't particularly despise her either. I almost felt sorry for her because it seemed like she was followed all day, everyday by unwanted cameras and eyes. But how silly of me! She wants nothing more but all the cameras and all the eyes because they somehow bring her all the money. Who needs dignity, pride, or integrity when you got enough green to fill your head.

Onto the actual real world reality though. My life has been full of mini-dramas these days, so let's switch it up and use bullet format, yeah!

  • Bachelor Uno and I had a good time on our first date and we've been e-mailing since then. He's cute, smart, nice, and totally relatable. We're supposed to go out and do something together tomorrow. If things continue and go well, we could actually be a good match.
  • Bachelor Dos and I have been on three dates. Our correspondence started out with really deep and thoughtful e-mails, which resulted in him breaking ties with his then-current lady (who he'd been seeing for about a month so it was still casual and, according to him, rocky from the start) and asking me out. He's worldy and intelligent in his own way (meaning: without a higher education), is a great cook, and adores animals and cats in particular... But I'm not feeling "the feeling" with him and I don't see anything for us long term. We haven't talked about "us" or anything, but from his actions and words I can tell that he's totally digging me. I let him kiss me goodnight after he walked me to my car in the cold last night (just some harmless closed-mouth pecks), and while they were good kisses, I probably shouldn't allow it to go any further if I'm already feeling like it's not going to work. He sent me an e-mail this afternoon since my phone hasn't been working the past few days and said some of the sweetest things... I don't think a guy I've dated has ever said such sweet things to me.
  • Rege slyly de-friended me off Facebook. What the fuck, right? What a passive aggressive dickhole! I really didn't see any reason for him to actively do that. We hadn't talked in weeks and I only stalk his profile from a secret distance like any normal person--Never have I commented publicly on anything related to him. My friend thinks that his girlfriend found out about me, but I really don't see that. I think his ego was feeling extra big that day and he thought that I wouldn't be able to handle him changing his dusty old profile picture to a fresh one of him and his blonde babe in Halloween gear. If he were all that smart or sensitive, maybe he should've thought of doing this before pictures of the happy couple had been posted frequently enough for me to feel thoroughly entertained with judgement for months! I admit that I had a mild panic attack so I sent a friendly (albeit inwardly laced with rat poison) text the day I discovered this, and he had no problem what-so-ever texting me throughout the day and night. He seems to want to meet up again and I might follow through, if only to confront him about his socially very rude and unnecessary behavior.
  • I know I owe you the juicy bits of my last encounter with Dr. Shark, but as you can see, it's been quite a busy week! Haven't talked to him since then though. The naive girl-child in me wants to believe that he's tried to text while my phone has been out of commission and might be curious/pissed/even concerned that he hasn't heard back from me, but in reality, he probably hasn't even tried to contact me therefore hasn't noticed my absence. Sigh.
Well. I'd decided to bullet my stories in order to make this post as short and sweet as possible, but it looks like I've lost that battle! Hopefully it's accomplished satisfying anyone's twisted curiosity into my twisted little life for now.

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