Friday, September 23, 2011

Orange is the new pink.

Happy first day of Fall!

Despite my body's aversion to any temperature lower than 90 degrees Fahrenheit since my climate of choice the past couple of weeks was tropical, we're officially on our way to my favorite time of the year. And even though today's high in my fair Southern city was still in the 80s and the air was sticky from summer humidity, the morning was cool and breezy and orange is starting to sprinkle the trees.

It's a time for drinking apple cider, darning cute scarves and booties, and driving with the windows down blaring Simon and Garfunkel. I want to frolic in a pumpkin patch (preferably with a lover), throw fallen leaves at them, and kiss in the setting sun that only seems to be that perfect deep orangey-red that it turns during this rotation of the planet.

Ideal and silly, yes. But autumn just sparks a new spirit in me that seems to die down a little by the summer time (it's no wonder with how crazy hot and miserable it gets here!). For me, Autumn is my Spring: It's a time to start fresh and wake up from some kind of dormancy or hibernation.

Your band-aid to Life.
I'm a bit of an amateur foodie (meaning: I love to eat and cook anything and everything) so I'm very much looking forward to the comfort of soups. Is there anything better than diving into and soothing your senses with the perfect bowl of rich, warm soup? All your woes and aches, both body and soul, seem to wash away with every spoonful.

Not to say those troubles won't find their way back to you once you've heartbreakingly scraped the bottom of the bowl... But at least for those glorious few minutes you can feel at peace and at home.

Maybe I'll use this time to really reflect on what I need and want out of life. My friends and family are always asking me what my plans are or where I'll be in the future, but I can never whole-heartedly give them an answer. I brush them off with a "Psh, planning is stupid. Planning is for tight-asses." But life is short... Too short to be too impulsive or lazy. We all deserve to be a little selfish.

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