Friday, September 30, 2011

Must not confuse lust for love.

No need to fear, Internetties: I didn't become a Dr. Shark killer in the last couple of days. He actually came through and we had a jolly good time the other night, as limited as it was (we had like four hours together, which included two hours driving together). It was about enough time to have an intense sex session followed by some wonderful pillow talk/cuddling.

I use the phrase "enough time" loosely as it certainly wasn't actually enough to make me feel completely satisfied... but it's all he could give me before making the trek home.

He's the first guy with whom I actually want to spend all my moments, and that scares the bejesus out of me. Is it just my biological clock telling me to prepare myself for the eventual natural cycle of wifehood and motherdom, or is it him as a person that makes me want to begin that next phase of my life? Either reasoning is frightening since I feel like I'm still so young and not yet wise enough to get into all that, but if I had to choose either or... I choose the first option.

Because no matter how I feel or how I sometimes delude myself into thinking he feels too, Dr. Shark is abso-FUCKING-lutely not ready--not wanting--not thinking about any of that, even and especially with me.

Rege and I have plans to hang out tomorrow.

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