Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A flair of flava.

He actually said that no, he didn't think I was dating material, but that I was "still super cool, hot, and fun to play with."

I am just an exotic plaything for men

My best friend has always told me to date black men or any other man of color. My preferred flavor has been vanilla, particularly ones with roots in this region, but maybe I'm starting to see her point. No matter how relatable I am to them philosophically, intelligently, economically, I will always seem different because I look different and yes, my parents are different than theirs. They can never outright admit that race is an issue because it would make them look bad, and I agree that's it's probably not our races, but our cultural backgrounds at least. It doesn't matter that I sometimes prefer grits over rice or that I love burgers and pizza like any other American... It freaks them out that my parents and I speak a different language to each other and that if we ever were to procreate, our kids might look slightly different than them (but much cuter, in my opinion).

I know that's one of the reasons J(erk) never took me seriously. He could never imagine introducing me to his conservative, traditional, all-American, football-lovin' family, all of whom he is very close to. On the other hand, he was a hit with his friends who all saw me as that exotic wildflower.

What a life conundrum! It really is time to move out of this place.


  1. That's ridiculous!

    Now I'm a bit curious as to where your "Deep South" is located. Don't want to stereotype in any way. His views just sound super limited.

  2. Oh, it's deeeeep, Kiss. lol. I grew up here so I consider myself lucky to be "bi-cultured," but it hasn't helped in the boy department. I'm a fantasy to fulfill, but not the girl to take home to mom.

    I know it's gotta be the guys that I've been attracted to... It's all a matter of changing tastes. :)