Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Virgin post of a devilette.

This was the first and only time that I actually didn't enjoy sex.

I may be a good sweet baby angel in my day-to-day life, but I'm also a girl who secretly almost constantly likes to get bad and freaky behind (semi)closed doors.

...but tonight was different.

Let's call him Ace. He's hot and I've slept with him before, and we've always had good times in bed (and on the couch, the floor, the chair..). But I met him when I was beginning my sex-volution many months ago after a bad break-up, and neither of us were looking for a committed thing, so I moved on and I'm sure he did too. We hooked up a few times and over time he's called and texted trying to allow visitation again, but I've said no the past couple of months. I've had other NSAships but he was a little different than the others--a little dirtier, a little grimier. Dirty can be good...but it can also leave you feeling disoriented, and in my case, soulfully empty.

Additionally, I've been falling for someone else since early summer. Someone that I could really give my all to, full body, full heart, full soul.

So I guess it shouldn't be a huge surprise that I burst into tears of guilt, and maybe a little shame, after he left with an arrogant smirk and wink. I then proceeded to trip down the stairs through my hot, self-loathing tears, which just added physical pain to the already metaphysical kind. What have I done? What the fuck have I done?

And thus begins my existential blogging journey.
Welcome to my life, Internetties.


  1. Hello Mizzzzzzz,

    Thanks for the comment on our blog earlier today! Thought I'd stop by to say hi and check out your blog. Looks like your new to this fabulous world of blogging (and more specifically dating/relationship/sex blogging). Be prepared for some major revelations! :) Looking forward to more existential blogging!



  2. Woot! First comment! You rock, Elle. :)

    Yes, this will be my first venture as a bloggess with mystery... but I'm crazy excited about it! I look forward to experiencing my sex/dating life blog membership to the fullest, and have yours along with others to thank for inspiration.


  3. I'm already loving your writing style, your blog and well... you!

    Welcome, welcome! As Elle already stated, there will be some major revelations along the way in this world indeed!!

    Now I'll make my way up... (ahem) and read your more recent posts!


  4. Yay, Kiss! It's so nice to meet you :)